Understanding Crypto Cost Basis & the Impact on Cryptocurrency Futures

2 min readNov 11, 2022

Like all futures markets, the crypto futures market has a Basis and Cost of Carry. Can the crypto derivatives markets give insight into futures trading? Jim Cagnina and special guest Ari Pine discussed crypto cost basis and Bitcoin and Ether’s relationships to the fiat currencies, equity markets, and gold in a recent episode of “See the Futures.”

Learn About Basis and Cost of Carry and Crypto Correlations

Additional topics covered in the livestream include:

  • Understanding Basis and Cost of Carry and how they impact position value for traders.
  • How Basis may dictate how traders implement their trading strategies and help determine which products are the right fit for them.
  • Crypto, Cost of Carry, Spot, and Futures: Ari explains how he approaches them from a trader’s perspective.
  • Correlations between Crypto and Crypto derivatives.
  • Examining the advantages of trading regulated products in a regulated marketplace.
  • The midterm elections and their impact on near-term regulations on the financial markets, including cryptocurrencies.

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