Trading Psychology: Applying Sports Psychology To Your Futures Trading

2 min readMay 31, 2024


High-level sports and futures trading have several common denominators around the critical roles that emotional control and mental discipline play in achieving repeatable success. Both activities require participants to perform under pressure, manage stress, and make quick decisions based on changing conditions.

Watch the livestream below, where we discuss how many of the same emotional challenges professional athletes face are the same emotional issues traders need to manage. Learn how emotional control and patience can help all traders become more disciplined and improve their confidence and consistency.

Additional topics discussed in this free livestream:

  • How the psychology of high-level sports can improve your trading
  • How personal affirmations can be an effective tool to shape your emotions
  • Why negative emotions can quickly derail an athlete or trader

Applying Sports Psychology To Trading Psychology

Understanding trading psychology and the ability to control your emotions is a crucial part of trading. A world-class athlete preparing for the Olympics must master psychological strategies to enhance performance, build emotional muscle memory, and stay focused on their goals. They practice visualization techniques for specific situations and objectives that help them find their center and enhance their calmness and concentration during critical moments.

Similarly, futures traders must visualize successful outcomes, set realistic trading goals, and employ a disciplined approach to manage emotions like fear and greed. By incorporating trading psychology — such as staying mentally focused and controlled — traders can better deal with those inevitable losing trades and still execute their trading plan effectively under any market conditions.

How To Apply Emotional Control As A Trading Psychology Tactic

Finally, controlling emotions isn’t just about suppressing your feelings — it involves channeling and turning your mental capacity into productive actions that lead to goal achievement. This is demonstrated by athletes and traders alike; they work to remain calm, think clearly, and perform at their best despite periods of intense stress and failure.

By drawing on these principles of sports psychology, traders can improve their decision-making processes, enhance resilience, find their center, and improve their chances for long-term success.

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