Track Paper Trading Results with Trade Performance Window

NinjaTraders’s paper trading environment gives traders the opportunity to test trade ideas and market approaches with zero monetary risk. Also known as simulated or “sim” trading, this is an ideal way for new traders to practice before putting real capital on the line.

Tracking progress is an important part of the paper trading process and helps traders determine when they are ready to make the transition to live trading.

The Trade Performance window in NinjaTrader provides a comprehensive look at trading results and can be used for both simulated and live accounts. With visibility to what is working and what is not, traders can use this insight to help fine-tune their trading approach.

Generate Reports with the Trade Performance Window

Trade performance reports can be filtered by instruments and accounts traded. Sim traders can create multiple sim accounts to separate different market approaches, trading styles, instruments, time frames and more.

The Display drop-down menu within the Trade Performance window creates multiple views of trade performance.

  • Summary presents an overview of your trade performance for all trades. This view separates long and short trades into separate columns and includes metrics such as total net profit, total number of trades and percentage of profitable trades.
  • Analysis provides performance statistics in grid form and graphically simultaneously.
  • Executions lists detailed information for all order executions in a user-defined date range.
  • Trades pairs the execution information into roundtrip trades.
  • Orders is similar to executions except all orders are shown, including those which were not filled.
  • Journal allows users to enter notes in a trading journal for future reference which are associated with a specific date.

Compare Results with Multiple Tabs

With NinjaTrader 8’s tabbed interface, you can use one Trade Performance Window to generate and view multiple reports. For example, generate separate reports for futures trading and forex trading and view them within the same Trade Performance window.

Pictured above, the Trade Performance window provides many different ways for paper traders to analyze and monitor their progress.

NinjaTrader provides free unlimited access to trade simulation as well as free trading charts, backtesting, daily training webinars and more. Get started paper trading with our award-winning trading software!



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