Play Daily Market Action with Event Contracts

A brand-new way to stake your views on market price moves has arrived! Event contracts from CME Group are now available through NinjaTrader making it easier than ever to place predictions on the top financial markets.

Well… just how easy is it? As simple as deciding YES or NO.

Will the market close above or below a certain price by the end of the day?

YES or NO?

What are Event Contracts?

Event-based contracts provide a new way to participate in the financial markets. Choose a market and decide if it will close above or below a certain price. It’s that simple.

Predict, Play, and Win

As an example, where do you think the crude oil market will close today? How about the S&P 500 Index, the Dow, or even Gold?

Just select a market & predict whether the actual close will be above or below a certain price. If you predict correctly, you earn $20, never risking more than the price you paid.*
That’s all it takes.

Make your predictions with bids starting at just $0.25 up to $20. Buy one contract or trade more if you want to elevate the stakes. Predictions expire each day at market close providing new opportunities each and every day.

Why just bet when you can trade instead? Get started with event contracts.

*Event Contract Transaction Fees
No commissions or CME exchange fees will be charged through March 1, 2023, except for the E-mini Dow (YM) which will have a $0.01 CME exchange fee per contract. A NFA fee of $0.02 and clearing fee of $0.09 per contract will apply to all predictions. Fees subject to change.



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