Nano Ether Joins Nano Bitcoin as New Crypto Futures Market Entries

2 min readSep 15, 2022


Arriving hot on the heels of Nano Bitcoin futures, Nano Ether futures has gotten off to an amazing start! Daily volume for both of these new products has been strong, already exceeding many long-established and popular futures markets. Both products are sized for the individual trader; each Nano Bitcoin futures contract is just 1/100th the size of one Bitcoin and each Nano Ether futures contract is 1/10th the size of one Ether.

Boris Ilyevsky, Head of the Coinbase Derivatives Exchange, recently joined an episode of “See the Futures” to discuss the launch of these new products. He explained the many advantages of trading Nanos and shared what’s on the horizon for the Coinbase Derivatives Exchange. You can watch the full episode below.

Topics include:

  • Intro to the Coinbase Derivatives Exchange, its history and what’s on the horizon.
  • What makes these new Nano futures products such a unique opportunity for Bitcoin and Ether enthusiasts?
  • A discussion of the soon-to-be completed Ethereum merge and its potential impacts.
  • An examination of the advantages of trading Nano Bitcoin and Nano Ether futures versus trading the actual coins

    — Ease of going short
    — Hedging with futures
    — Trading in a regulated futures market
  • How can nano-sizing help traders manage their risk?
  • How does trading derivatives, like Nano Bitcoin and Nano Ether futures, allow for true price speculation? Why does it matter?
  • A look at charting these new products and their price action since launch.
  • A technical analysis of correlations between Nano Bitcoin and Nano Ether futures versus:

    — Bitcoin
    — Ether
    — E-mini-S&P 500
    — E-mini-Nasdaq 100

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