Impact of EIA Report on Crude Oil Futures

Prices at the pump are down a bit lately but what’s next? The Energy Information Administration (EIA) publishes a massive number of statistics. The EIA’s weekly inventory report is widely followed by traders and investors, often influencing trading decisions. After the EIA’s most recent report, West Texas Intermediary Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures (CL) and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (HO) futures are in play.

Watch NinjaTrader’s Jim Cagnina and special guest Bobby Iaccino analyze the state of these important energy markets and discuss how EIA data may provide you with trading clues in a recent episode of “See the Futures”.

Topics discussed include:

  • Attempting to uncomplicate the most recent report from the Energy Information Administration
  • What’s in the lates EIA report and what it means for the energy markets
  • Examining opportunities for traders based on the latest findings of the EIA
  • Charting and analysis of notable energy futures including September Crude Oil
  • Discussing the current relationship of a strong U.S. dollar in relation to Energy pricing
  • Inflation, the Fed’s actions, and how it matters to traders

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