Identifying Macro Trends In The Futures Markets

2 min readJun 10, 2024


In the context of technical analysis, “macro trends” refer to broad, long-term movements in market prices that can last from several months or years to decades. These trends are crucial for traders and investors to understand because they can influence a shorter-term trading bias and help shape an overall trading strategy.

Macro trend analysis is used to help traders gain an understanding of the longer-term directional bias of a market. This long-term analysis can also help traders put economic news events in perspective, identify long-term price patterns, and make comparisons across multiple symbols.

Watch this video to learn how to identify these important longer-term trends in the futures markets.

Additional topics discussed in this free livestream:

  • What is macro trend analysis?
  • How to use multi-time frame analysis in your decision-making
  • Identifying patterns in long-term moving averages

Benefits Of Macro Trend Analysis

For traders, identifying macro trends in the futures markets is much more than just a technical analysis exercise — it can be an effective, practical way to set the visual foundation for your trading ideas. By understanding longer level trends, potential reversal patterns, and how to apply a consistent approach to trade idea generation, traders can enhance their overall market perspective and improve decision-making.

Macro trend analysis offers several benefits for futures traders, including:

  • Historical perspective: Analyzing longer-term macro trends can help traders react better to upcoming price movements and provide unique insights into the trend bias of all market participants.
  • Informed decision-making: By analyzing macro trends, traders can make informed decisions across shorter-term micro trade setups and appropriate risk management.
  • Opportunity identification: Analyzing macro trends can help traders put economic conditions such as GDP, inflation, and the employment situation into perspective.
  • Risk management: By tracking macro trends, traders can develop a trading plan to better anticipate changes in momentum, volatility, and trend bias.

When analyzing macro trends, using the right technical analysis tools can make all the difference. Popular technical tools like moving averages and momentum and MACD indicators are readily available in most charting platforms like NinjaTrader, and you can adjust these tools to analyze different time frames and approaches for any futures market.

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