How to Use Volume Profile and the Importance of Volume Profile Data

2 min readFeb 1, 2023


A trader looking at a stock heatmap through a magnifying glass

If you’re looking for ways to identify intra-day support and resistance levels to help find turning points in the market, one of the more effective ways to do so is with volume profile data. Volume profile is a charting technique that displays the total volume traded at every price level throughout the trading session. Read more to learn how volume profile and technical tools may help as part of your trading strategies.

How to Use Volume Profile and Other Technical Tools

In this edition of ‘Traders Workshop’, Patrick Mullin of Gorilla Futures discusses how his volume profile “HeatMap” indicator in combination with other technical tools helps traders better identify potential entry setups and trend reversals. Patrick also talks about his “FootPrint” indicator and how it can help identify where intra-bar buying and selling is taking place, in order to better anticipate market direction and identify short-term day-trades.

Key topics covered include:

  • Why Order Flow is important to a trader
  • Visualizing Order Flow on a price chart
  • Understanding Volume Heat Maps
  • Identifying potential Buying and Selling levels
  • What it takes to become a Day-Trader

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