How To Create A Daily Trading Plan And Routine

2 min readMay 21, 2024

Every successful trader knows that consistency and discipline are key to a well-thought-out trading routine. Establishing a routine, which includes starting the day with a trading plan, is crucial for traders and provides a foundation that can build positive muscle memory to keep you on track regardless of what the market throws at you.

Watch the video below to get tips to become a more consistent trader by establishing a daily trading routine. Whether you’re new to the futures markets or more experienced, or trade part-time or full-time, developing effective trading habits, having a risk management plan, and staying focused on the task at hand every trade can help ensure that you come back for another day.

Additional topics discussed in this free livestream:

  • Key daily premarket elements you should review
  • How to develop a risk management plan for your account size
  • Why trade journaling is important to long-term consistent trading

How To Build Your Futures Trading Plan And Routine

A well-structured trading routine can help you set the tone for the day by identifying potential trading opportunities. It may include:

  • Premarket analysis, where traders review overnight market movements
  • Economic news
  • Upcoming news events that could impact market prices

A consistent approach to technical analysis can be another vital element in your daily trading plan and routine. The more you view historical and real-time charts across a variety of symbols and time frames, the better you become at identifying potential trade setups and situations to avoid.

Position and risk management are also fundamental to maximizing gains and managing risk. This involves setting stop-loss orders, adjusting position size, and regularly reviewing your trading history to reinforce positive skills and reduce the impact of negative actions.

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