Fourth Quarter Market Outlook: What Lies Ahead?

2 min readOct 14, 2022


The final quarter of the 2022 calendar year is upon us! This time of year, the most seasoned traders and investors assess the year so far and sharpen their strategies for the rest of Q4.

In a recent episode of See the Futures, NinjaTrader’s Jim Cagnina and special guest Bobby Iaccino took a look at how common market behaviors could play out in the context of current economic realities. They also discussed the most recent Producer Price Index data.

Topics include:

  • Interpreting the most recent PPI data. Is the current data a “nothing burger”, or does it tell a compelling story?
  • The Consumer Price Index data dropped on October 13th. In 2022, CPI data has triggered some of the biggest one-day market moves. How can traders prepare for this latest release?
  • Which fundamental data can be used to identify correlations in price action?
  • An overview of treasury futures price moves that every trader needs to be aware of.
  • An exploration of inverse correlations between treasury futures and equities.
  • Why is there so much “Fed speak” between scheduled meetings? How should traders navigate this environment?
  • How inflation, interest rates, and real estate news could potentially affect Q4 action in the futures markets.
  • Are institutions waiting on the sidelines? If so, what is the potential impact on the markets? Q&A with our host and guest.

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